Advertising forces you to (think)drink?

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This is just another idea that I try to practice my writing skills,

Most of all, I comeback here again because...

I would like to talk and share withyou guys. :)


please feel free to share me what you think,

and don't be hesitated to let me know if there are anythings incorrect.

thank you..


The government has recently passed a law bans alcohalic products to advertising. This is a result of their concern over the increased of drinking alcohal among teenagers in which some people blameadvertising as a teenagers crime's affect. However, I don't totally agree with these idea. In my opinion, alcohal should be permitted to advertise in mass media, such as T.V., magazine orradio for several reasons.

First of all, alcohalic product is like others consumer products that depend on suply and demand. Traditionally, alcohal compaineshave a large budget for advertisment for building brand awareness or image, whereas, the budget of pushing sale volume is seperated. If alcohal advertising is restricted, the media industry would lose a lot of money. Additionally, even if the government limits advertising of alcohal, but the sale of alcohalic drinks still increase because the companies who sell them can direct their budget to support others sales and marketing campaigns such as product placement, promotion and prices war.They also have the permissionto continuesport's sponsershipthat allows them toshow their logo in public event.

Moreover,there are many factors that lead to increase the number of alcohalics among teenagers such as influenced by peer groups or the exeperience of hanging out in pubs or restaurant where alcohalic drinksare avilable.I also never heard about the research whichpoints that advertisment is a major cause of alcohal addiction.

In conclusion, alcohal should be allowed to advertise in mass media. To satisfy critics, the goverment could limit some content that may encourage inapporpriate habbits or promote a social campaign to educate teenagers about the nagative effects of drinking alcohal.




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I think advertising force you to drink.
The sell increased by advertising.

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